For years, the name Sturman has represented the highest quality in sound, vision and now total entertainment systems. 

It's a business started with passion when young Peter Sturman spent late nights building his own amplifiers and hi-fi gadgets and fixing things for friends and acquaintances.

In 1982 this passion led to contract repairs and service for the local Sony distributors. In 1985 Peter's wife Noelene joined the business, soon followed by son Michael, family friend Adam Herald and youngest son Alex.

In 1990 the company moved to its first retail outlet in Unanderra and then, in 1993 to its present premises providing a bigger sales floor and workshop at the rear.  After 5 years Sturmans expanded again, adding extra sound lounges, a bigger product range and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for their customers. 




Boris - The friendly face of the Sturmans Experience

Boris lives in our Crown Street showroom and demonstration rooms and breathes sound and vision. Ask him any question…ask him to demonstrate everything…you'll find he's your encyclopedia of audio visual!

Leanne - Smiling at you through the phone!

You won't hear a more smiling voice anywhere. Leanne will answer your initial questions and direct you to our experts, make an appointment and start the famous Sturmans service ball rolling.

Maria Butkovic - The Controller

Do we need to say any more? She works on our customers' behalf to get the best from our team. Schedules the installation, service or delivery calls, maintains quality control!

Norman Rohner - Head Technician

Norman has applied his German precision around the world and is now our chief fixer and tester of electronics. His other passion is underwater with the fishes as an avid diver. Don't combine the two!

Michael Finlayson - System Designer

They meet at your place or in store to thoroughly hear about your needs, work with your house plans, interior designer or architect to advise on a system that exactly suits you. 

Zoran Jovanoski - Programmer

He's the master of the high tech gear and he'll set everything up so it's easy for you to get the best from your equipment purchases.

They're more than Installers! You'll realise when you meet them!

Adam, Paul, Lee and Jordan are the neat team.

They match your equipment with your home, carefully conceal all cables and accessories, and best of all, leave no trace of ever being there!

Michael Sturman - Ain't really a TV star!

On screen the wacky face of our 'unusual' TV commercials. He's really a serious professional who carries the Sturman tradition of expertise, attention to detail and service to extremes. Truly.

Vanessa Sturman - She who must be obeyed.

Vanessa is the one who has to manage all this lot…and because we've been in business so long it's pretty clear she knows how it's done.


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