No one could count how many brands and types of TVs are available on the market, from the discount store cheapies to the absolute best. At Sturmans we've done the shopping around for you to offer a range you can rely on for the best performance and overall satisfaction. Super large, curved or flat screens, smart TVs, even quality smaller TV's for particular rooms.

Loewe TV

We don't believe you can make a judgement in a warehouse store with 25 screens playing in a row, competing with background noise and general bustle.

Our demonstration rooms allow you to think carefully about the television you need. We recommend you bring in your favourite Blu-ray disc or DVD. Then sit back and let your eyes decide. And your ears, because sound is important.

From the fine German Loewe brand to the proven Panasonic range and innovative Samsung, we offer a carefully chosen selection. This includes smart TVs which access streaming services such as Netflix,Foxtel Play, iView, SBS On Demand, Go Play etc and internet radio. Many offer home sharing for multiple devices.

And once you've made your choice, Sturmans famous team will not only ensure it is neatly installed but operating at its best with optimum free-to-air performance and connection to Foxtel or streaming services such as Netflix. We'll also integrate it with sound systems if necessary. 

And perhaps most importantly, we'll run through its operation so you can start enjoying it at its best immediately. 

Some things to consider:

  • What smart features would you like?
  • What room is it for?
  • What design will suit the room?
  • What size will suit the room and viewing distance?
  • What is the main purpose of using the TV in the room?
  • Do you watch TV programs, movies or sport?
  • Will it be viewed mainly in the day or at night?
  • Do you have trouble hearing TV sound, or is it too loud?
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